The best beaches of Gran Canaria

The best beaches of Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are home to some of Spain’s most stunning beaches, have a near-tropical weather all year round, some of the best surf spots of Spain… No wonder it’s one of tourists favorites!

Gran Canaria – just as the name says – is the biggest of them. It might not the place where you will find golden beaches with  turquoise water – for this, you should rather bring a visit to the neighboring Fuerteventura – but that is being compensated for by rugged landscapes, wild beaches, perfect surf spots and Sahara-worthy, endless sand dunes in Maspalomas. Movies ranging from the original Moby Dick to the Fast and the Furious 6 found their perfect backgrounds here, for a reason, as it seems…

I have been lucky to catch some pretty good medium-beginner swell on one of my visits, and thanks to a recommendation from local friends, me and my friend drove down to El Vagabundo beach. This spot offers you a beautiful scenery to gaze at while you’re catching the waves, with a boulder beach and majestic mountains rising up almost right from the sea.

surfing @ El Vagabundo
El Vagabundo
El Vagabundo beach

No matter your surfing level, there will always be some waves to surf on one or the other side of the island – and if you’re in your lazy afternoon mood, are only starting to surf or don’t have a car to go to the faraway beaches – the city beach of Las Palmas had some straight to the point beginner waves.

Probably the most famous beach of the entire island – the natural reserve of Maspalomas – teleports you into the Sahara, with its endless, golden dunes. The beach itself is pretty touristic, considering that the village of Maspalomas is a resort town – but is large enough to find a nice spot that is not too crowded, if you don’t mind walking for about 15-20 minutes alongside the beach. Right where the dunes begin, is a lake that cannot be accessed, but houses many water birds that can be observed from the dunes.

Maspalomas dunes
Natural Reserve of Maspalomas

And once you’re on the way to the south of the island to visit Maspalomas, you can as well continue for a visit to the picturesque village of Mogan. The villages is full of cute house with white painted walls – and flowers, many flowers.  The restaurant here are mainly orientated towards the tourists, but are nevertheless of a quite good quality, if you feel like having dinner with a view on the yachts in the harbor.


The natural pools in Agaete are also worth a visit. Again, golden beaches won’t be found here, but the naturally formed pools are nice to take a dip into, and the breaking waves are hypnotizing. The village also has some of the freshest seafood served right from the boats, get your “daily catch” in one of the little restaurants near the pools.

Natural pools in Agaete

Closer to the city center of Las Palmas, but yet with a deserted feeling is the rocky beach of El Confital. There is no sand to be found here, only rocks, flattened by millennia of Atlantic winds and crashing waves – so bring something soft to relax on. Even though it’s probably a bit less comfy, the views here are amazing, and if you like beachcombing – this is the place to be. The boulders are the favorite hiding spots of little crabs, fishes and shellfish – little kids ( and I have to admit, also bigger ones, like me… 🙂 ) will be in paradise!

El Confital beach

Even the city beach of Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, is of an enchanting deep blue color. As I already mentioned, this beach is perfect to make your first for surfing steps. Many schools and rental shops are located near Las Canteras beach, and has a wide array of treandy places for a quick bite or drink after surfing. Try Bandidos beach bar for some tasty burgers, or take a lounge seat in Mumbai Sunset bar to watch the sun set with a cocktail in your hand.

Playa de Las Canteras
Playa de Las Canteras

What are you still waiting for? Get hold of some cheap tickets, pack your bikini and some sunscreen – and off you go! Enjoy your trip 🙂

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