Sunrise at Mount Batur, Bali

Sunrise at Mount Batur, Bali

Have you ever had this feeling of having a breakpoint in life when you experience something new for the first time, with an incredible intensity, making you yearn for more of these moments? Seeing the sunrise over Mount Agung on Bali, after trekking up its neighbor Mount Batur was one of these for me. As many people I have always loved seeing sunsets, but this was the first time I was venturing out with the solely purpose of seeing the sun rise over the mountains.

And oh man, it was worth it!

The view on Mount Agung

Trekking all the way up Mount Batur is not a piece of cake, with its 1717 meters, but can be easily done by people who are even a little fit – all it takes is perseverance and motivation.

You can book the trek starting from most places in Bali, preferably closer to Mount Batur of course. The cheapest option is to book it from Sri Hostel in Ubud though, where for 250k Rupees (less than 20 Euro) they will provide a full tour including a banana pancake before trekking and a simple breakfast on top while watching the sunrise.

The trek starts around 3 AM with a pickup at the hostel, and about an hour drive to Kintamani where you will get a cup of tea or coffee and your banana pancake. From there, it’s about 30 min more of driving to the starting point of the trek.

From there, you get a guide per 4 people and start walking up. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this trek without a guide, even though it is totally not necessary since there is only one path and it just goes straight up anyways. There is a kind of monopoly by the organization providing guides at the entrance, not to say mafia, and you won’t be let onto the road if you don’t contract a guide or come with a tour. In any case, if you take the recommendation of booking at Sri hostel, the trek is more than affordable!

As said before, it is impossible to get lost, and all you can do is just follow the path up to the top for about 2 hours. Take a break from time to time, turn off your headtorch and enjoy the millions of stars above you on a clear night…

Once at the top, you should try to find a spot that is not too crowded to enjoy the magnificent color show you’re about to witness! Mount Agung will show you all possible nuances of reds, oranges and purples while the sun rises behind its back.

Once the sun has risen, you can explore the ridge of the mountain and check out the crater as well.

On the way down there will be a spot where many monkeys gather to check out the tourists, and – as a natural monkey – try to steal some of your stuff like biscuits, water bottles or sunglasses. Watch out! 🙂

If you´re looking for a nice place to stay near to Batur, and want to wake up with the view out of your window instead, try this Airbnb! ( If you haven´t got an account yet, sign up here and get instant credit for your first booking!)

The place was a bit messy when we got there, but the view is absolutely breathtaking and you can explore the holy lake Batur as well by daytime. Definetely worth staying 1-2 nights to take in this magnificent view…

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